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WINMAU Blade 5 Dartboard +

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Winmau's latest update from the successful Blade 4 model.

The Blade 5 has managed to surpass the excellence of the Blade 4 and Winmau have pulled out all the stops to bring a dartboard to the mass market which is quality through and through. 

Quality is never compromised on Winmau dartboards, and he only difference with the models available is how they are equipped with different playing features.

With the Blade 5 the angle on the wiring tips have been reduced to just 60 degrees from 90 degrees before, meaning that the very small chances of bounce-outs are now even smaller.

Chances of the dart tip hitting the wire and bouncing back out are minimal because the wire profile will encourage the dart tip to go right or left and embed in the board – not bounce straight back out.

Pushing boundaries of dartboard technology to its limits, the new wiring system allows for 9mm² extra scoring area in the doubles and 6mm² extra scoring area in the trebles, with a 14% reduction in web surface area for higher scoring.

The Dynamic Sector Wires are 20% thinner and the Radial Wires are 10% thinner for greater scoring potential. The Blade angle has been reduced, and the Ultimate Tensile Strength of the Dynamic Sector Wire has been increased by 20% to ensure that dart points glide past the wire and into the scoring bed.

A new bullseye and 25 ring feature carbon diffusion technology for an ultra-hard surface and improved performance and durability. The Blade 5 now includes the Rota-Lock triple-wheel lock and level system for a secure fit and easy rotation.

The Blade 5 and the Blade 5 Dual Core are a very similar dartboard. The difference is that the Dual Core has an extra layer of sisal fibers, giving it added durability and longevity over the standard Blade 5.

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