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Reaction Ball ( AGILITY - TRAINING - TRIGGER ) +

  • $890

Quick unpredictable reaction balls allow you to hone your reaction times, improve hand/eye coordination and sharpen your reflexes.

Throw it on the floor or against a wall, watch it bounce and react to improve your speed, agility and catching skills & also improve your sense of balance and proprioception.

Manufactured to high standards from hard wearing Thermoplastic Elastomer Rubber (TPR), these are versatile, with portability, practicality and easy storage in mind.

The non-marking rubber balls are ergonomically designed to be comfortable to hold and catch and are a great additional tool to throw into your existing sports based conditioning and training workout programme. Irregular shaped, they may also used as a trigger point massage tool!

Use alone, in twos, or in a group training environment, & form an invaluable part of reflex/agility training like many sports professionals in soccer, hockey, cricket, tennis, squash & even martial arts etc. 
    • Diameter: 55mm (SMALL)
    • Colour: red, yellow, blue, green, pink
      colours may vary & be randomly selected

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