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The Original Dutch Chamois 1 Pack by GRIBBID

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better grip | more fun
Good equipment is half the work.

Product title description

Whether you play in the national team or take part in recreational hockey, more and more hockey players choose
Since 2012 our top quality hockeygrips have conquered the hockey fields and that is for good reason.

increases your joy of playing. Made for you in Holland.

The Gribbid ProGrip feels nice and gives an extremely good grip on your hockey stick, even when you have wet hands or when it rains. The chamois grip must be placed over the existing grip and is therefore also called an overgrip,
(Gribbid, 2021).
– Highest quality
– Original progrip® quality from The Netherlands
– Soft and comfortable
– Shock-absorbing function
– High moisture absorption capacity
– Anti-slip under all circumstances
– Suitable for all sizes of hockey sticks
– Easy to apply and replace
– Patented gribbid progrip® quality, (Gribbid, 2021)

Made for players to encounter any obstacle, these are produced from high-grade materials to ensure the stick stays in your hands during those high pressure situations. The adhesive backing ensures a fixed, non-slip grip and the high quality production leaves the grip performing for you time and time again.

Made from a highly absorbing hardwearing synthetic material which performs better the wetter it gets.

– Synthetic Material
– High Absorbing Material
– Water and Sweat Resistant

Popularly used by field hockey players to enhance the grip & feel of your stick, especially if you're in a hot & humid environment, on wet astro pitches, or if you have unusually sweaty palms. Chamois grips are "over-grips" which means they normally do not have adhesive backings on them, instead they are merely wrapped around the hockey stick handle, and at most times just back-taped at the beginning & at the ends.

These are very good at preventing hands from slipping off the stick and are especially useful when wet, as they are designed to absorb moisture. Most internationals will use chamois grips over their existing grips for that extra feel and grip in the wet.

The chamois grip for field hockey gets its name from the chamois-leather, but it's not related in any way other then the similar feel & texture of these materials.

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