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Straight Hockey Goalkeeping Stick - Arcade Sports

Straight Hockey Goalkeeping Stick -

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Straight 36.5

Sticks used by outfielders are actually a good option for us goalkeepers. Their weight and strength makes them good for shot blockers and aggressive style keepers who also like to sweep the ball away with the stick. With some goalkeeper style sticks on the market too light and badly balanced, they are a suitable stick for those wanting an effective save making option.


  • Lower positioning, (stick not raised up by ‘kinks’) for full contact with the ground means no gaps, and strong blocking surface against the on-ground shot

  • Easy to get hold of

  • Affordable 

  • Greater mass within stick ensures that ball does not deflect off, but is blocked, compared with a light composite design

  • Weight provides a better clearance on the save

  • Better stick tackling capabilities; no chance of stick rolling over with ‘flatter’ design

  • Stick head gives enough coverage for making saves to the top of the stick

  • Wide variety available to suit individual preferences (including weight, length etc.)

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