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Saucer Marker Cones +

  • $220

Available in Round Cut Centres & Speed Cut Centres.
Sold individually
Sold as a set of 20 pcs (assorted)

Essential for any training activity, these cones provide structure in a training session.
• Easy to use design
• Lightweight
• Durable

Assorted colours as depicted in image.
Colour depends on stock availability.

At a Height of 4.5cm & diameter of 19.5cm.
Made up of high quality soft and flexible plastic polymers with UV stabilizers,
These cones endures all weather conditions. 
Bright & striking hues also ensures all round visibility even from distances.

Coaches and athletes know cone/marker training is key for adding agility and speed during conditioning. That’s why they were developed early on in competitive sports & condition training.
These ground markers are manufactured with superior quality & whatever sport you may be playing or coaching, these will help you set boundaries and lines and run drill & exercises with ease. They're flexible & weather resistant, ensuring long-term durability & convenience.

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