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Ring Set - Foam/Rubber Quoits +

  • $450
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Ring Set - Activity Ring Set Rubber/Foam Quoits

Slightly lighter and larger than conventional quoits at 165mm diameter, and manufactured from a soft touch material to facilitate catching with safety.

PE (Physical Education) & Rehabilitation exercise essential equipment.
Sponge Rubber (EPDM) lightweight material, ensuring stability of play/use, yet being safe for young children or elderly citizens.

  • Sold as a set of 4 colours: Red, Turquoise, Yellow and Blue
  • 16.5cm outer diameter (approx)
  • 10.5cm inner diameter (approx)
  • 3cm thick tubular girth (approx)
  • Weighs 100-125grams (approx)

    Sold as a singular piece at S$4.50 each.
    (delivery charges are seperate)

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