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NBR Yoga Mat w carrier bag +

  • $1900

  • Comfort - Our fitness mats feature non-slip anti-sweat materials - ideal for use during yoga, pilates or other floor exercises.
  • High quality - Made of high-density foam NBR material, thickness of 6mm/10mm/15mm to cushion your spine, hips and other joints on hard surfaces.
  • Multi-functional - non-toxic, non odour, environmentally friendly, water resistant, easy cleaning and care; textured structure, non-slip with increased friction; soft and comfortable with a quick rebound
  • Mats ensure comfort, light weight and portability for carrying people of all shapes and sizes - easy to transport, roll up and store, ideal for travel and storage
  • Multi-purpose exercise mat - can be used for yoga, floor exercises, pilates, stretching, sit-ups, aerobics, camping, baby crawling, overnight

Durable foam construction
High tack, non-slip surface
Waffle pattern surface for softness and grip
Available in 3 thickness & various colours.

    • Comfortable mat surface is appropriate for yoga and pilates.
    • Provides stable training environment on either soft or hard surface.
    • Extra thickness design promotes greater effect of shock reduction for the spine, knee, and elbow joint.
    • Durable and sturdy material recoils immediately back to its original form.
    • Lightweight, durable, and portable.
    • 180 X 61 X 0.6cm/1.0cm/1.5cm

  • NBR stands for nitrile butadiene rubber which is a man made synthetic rubber.
    Excellent oil & heat resistance with high elasticity comfort. 
    Popular among yogis & gym users as they are the thickest & most comfortable mat around. Soft, durable and typically well-padded, NBR mats are also the most affordable ones on the market.

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