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Molten 1900 - Futsal Ball (UEFA Europa League Football Design) -

  • $4590

Molten 1900 G18 FUTSAL - Europa League Football Design
FUTSAL size only.

    • Soft PU leather cover
    • Hand-sewn outer cover
    • Butyl bladder

Designed for an exceptionally soft touch, the Molten 1900 G18 series features a high-sheen PU cover with foam backing and a butyl bladder to maximize shape and air retention. This ball is a perfect choice for training or competition and features a vibrant colour-way for superior visibility.

Molten's hand-sewn soccer ball has better durability, bounce and a softer feel, thanks to the specially constructed composite leather and backing materials.

Incorporated with an advanced panel lamination technology and adopting the latest mechanical manufacturing techniques, resulting in a multi-layer architecture drastically enhancing ball roundness, shape retention and durability.

(1) Surface material
Composite material specially designed for our soccer ball. High-quality material with a soft feel as well as strength and durability.

(2) Backing layer
Special cloth made from polyester and cotton with natural rubber latex. The ratio of these elements is determined to ensure optimum durability, feel, rebound height, and other criteria.

(3) Thread
Special thread made of high-tensile polyester to keep the seam tight.

(4) Bladder
To minimise air leakage, the bladders uses a special compound rubber made from butyl, with far better air permeability than natural rubber. Balls intended for use on grass use latex bladders.

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