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Martial Art Hand Target 'SUPERIOR' (DOUBLE Clapper pad) - - Arcade Sports

Martial Art Hand Target 'SUPERIOR' (DOUBLE Clapper pad) -

  • $4200

Victory is ever improving on the traditional hand mitt with its years of experience.
Double hand mitt for speed kick training is made up of a top quality double sided 3.5cm foam pads, split into two (clappers) and carefully stitched together for a highly durable finish.
When the pads are hit it, reacts with a rebound against one other to produce a snap effect.
Comes with an elastic band at the end of the handle.

Features: -
- Highly durable.
- Sleeker  & with a better/durable grip.
- Nylon strap attached to the handle.
- The elastic wristband offers you a secure fit for all workouts.
- Material : PVC

Small Size:
Length: 39cm
Height: 18cm

Large Size:
Length: 43cm
Height: 20cm.

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