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Essential Oil USB Diffuser by Aroma2Go

  • $1495
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Great for coaches & players alike.

USB powered, this is a great on-the-go-companion.

Pocket sized USB diffuser to enjoy all your essential oils outdoors, in the office or the car! Anywhere there's a USB port, you have your own Zen spot.

Great when you're working in outdoor areas or Work Spaces, these can be stuck in your PC or a power plug to get you going.

Limited Edition Green version back in stock, these would be an ideal gift for all Essential Oils users. Comes with cartridges so that you can switch oils when you wish!

  • Compact and safe for use on the go. A low profile design which is perfect for use with devices.
  • When inserted into a USB port it’s so small and unobtrusive.
  • Low profile USB Pen Drive, designed to stay in your device,
  • No bigger than a USB Stick.
  • Ideal for netbooks, ultrabooks or any USB ports with power, available on media players and car audio devices.

Weight: > 30 grams
Power Source: USB Bus

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