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Barbell Bar - Curl "EZ" Bar +

  • $5200

This bar combines an innovative design with superior performance and dependability.
Separate grip positions help target and/or isolate the bicep and triceps muscles to increase upper arm tone, size & strength 
dramatically .

Curl bar grips, helps with more effective bicep curls, dips, and low rows with different forearm positioning and hand grips to tailor to your specific needs & target areas from your wrist, forearm extensions, biceps, triceps, rotator cuffs, shoulders & upper back.

Compared to a regular / straight bar, slight angled grips for curls helps beginners to overcome stiff arm syndromes. 

Ergonomic & anti-slip knurled handle grips ensure a sure grip even on the slipperiest or sweatiest of work outs. Includes 2 sure-lock safety rubber ribbed chrome plated spin locks .

4-feet long.
Threaded ends, with spin-lock nuts (universal diameter)
Solid barbell.

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