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Suspension Training System MULTI-WAY EXPANDER ~

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Strength training made simple yet very effective anytime, anywhere...

Use it anywhere, indoors or out.

Simply attach the system to a secure anchor point, e.g. a door, a hook on the wall, a hook on the ceiling used for a Punching Bag or Babies Sling,  a tree or fence—you can hang this trainer anywhere secure.

Total Body Resistance Exercise (TRX) was invented by an ex US Navy Seal; Randy Hetrick, seeking a way to keep himself and his fellow SEALS in top shape no matter where they were in the world, whether conducting a mission or standing by. Since all of their deployments are covert in nature, the SEALS can’t just walk into a gym for a workout.

Thus this system was born, and now an incredibly popular workout which is entirely scalable and suitable for people of any and every body type, fitness condition and lifestyle. These kind of systems are the approach for you!

- Adjustment of length between 1.30m and 2.30m 
- Door fastener attached 
- Supports up to 120kg 
- Tape material: resistant nylon - ultra.

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