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SPIKE Track & Field Nails/Cleats -

  • $1190

14 pieces Stainless Steel Spike Nails & 2 pieces Balancers in a universal threaded head suitable for use with all brands of Track & Field spike shoes.

Built for the track star competing in a variety of events, this will allow you to perform to your best. The staple for Track & Field & runners alike.

Being a versatile track & field spike at 6mm suitable for almost ALL events, these

stainless steel spike nails are highly popular with junior, up to varsity track athletes & professional senior track athletes.

Why Do I Need Spikes?

Spikes are meant to help athletes perform their best on the track. They are super light-weight and give you that extra boost that could be the difference between second and first place. Every ounce of your effort is translated into a reaction/forward movement when your foot & the spike cleats comes into contact with the track. Why waste it without track & Field spikes?

What Kind of Spikes Do I Need?

Shoe companies usually have three types of spikes based on your running events: sprint, mid-distance, and long-distance.  The sprint can be anywhere from 100 meters to 400 meters, and the mid-distance can cover 800 meters to 5000 meters, making it a good all-around spike for the athlete who does a little bit of everything.

Do Spikes Fit Differently Than Running Shoes?

We like to have about a thumb length of room in our running shoes, but we want a snug fit in our spikes so you may need a half or full size smaller than your running shoes. Please fit your spikes to make sure you have the right size for your feet.

Should I Only Wear Spikes to Race?

Spikes are very light with little cushion, and are normally used on race day. This doesn't mean you can’t use them for a hard track workout but this should be the exception.  Ensure you have a new pair of running shoes for your training runs & use them at least on a 60/40 ratio and keep the spikes for the meets where you really need them & for regular training stints in your regime.

What About Changing the Spikes?

After a while your spikes will wear down and you will want to replace them.  We have a variety of spikes of all different lengths as well.

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