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Solar Freeloader Globetrotter Classic +++

  • $7900

Freeloader Globetrotter Classic

Solar power on the go!

At the heart of the Globetrotter Kit is the Supercharger, which is a super tough, super fast means to charge a Freeloader Classic. Supercharger will fully charge Freeloader in as little as 4 hours in sunshine, which makes it possible to charge Freeloader twice a day!

Freeloader Classic is an advanced portable charging system that can power any hand held device anywhere, anytime. Freeloader takes power from its solar panels, the supplied Supercharger or via its charge cable that plugs into a computer's USB. Once charged, Freeloader Classic's internal battery can power an iPod for 18 hours, a smartphone for 44 hours, PSP for 2.5 hours and even an iPad for 2 hours.

The built in LCD data panel shows battery condition, connectivity. Supplied in a tough and stylish aluminium body, Freeloader can take the knocks of everyday life whether on a business trip, beach or mountain top.

Supercharger is a fully weather resistant unit supplied in a tough case with two innovative buckles and a Velcro attachment strap for secure fixing to a rucksack, travel bag, bike panniers etc. And weighing in at just 200 grams, it will barely be noticed. Supercharger easily couples to the Freeloader battery / hub using the original USB charge cable supplied with Freeloader and has an LED indicator confirming a positive connection has been made to Classic.

The Globetrotter kit is supplied with a tough carry pouch to protect Freeloader Classic in the most hostile of environments.

Just plug in for instant performance.