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  • $36600

The latest range of Elite hockey sticks from PRODIGY after the original flagship model VIK TITAN.

The SNIPER TITAN, a centered & balanced stick with a for quick nimble players. One of the lightest in the elite range of Titan models, this has a thicker girth on the grip area, yet with the deepest grooving on the face shaft. great for players who deal with low and close contact ball-control, the master of tight spaces.

Expect incredible control & quick stick-work be it 3D play, crazy drag flicks or effortless scoops from this all round top flight contender. 

PRODIGY HOCKEY Quality composite sticks at amazing prices! Great for the beginner athlete right up the elite Pro in hockey.

Starting off new, looking for a great 1st stick at a decent price? Stuck with a tight budget but looking to upgrade?

Prodigy Hockey is your best bet. Used, abused & highly recommended by many of our National Athletes past & present...


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