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Power Traveller - Compact Rugged High Tech 5V to 19V Charger MiniGorilla +++

  • $13900

MiniGorilla Portable External Battery  is a portable charger which will keep your cell phones, netbook, eReaders, MP3 player and other USB portable electronics devices powered for hours…and hours. Robust and rechargeable, the Mini Gorilla external charger provides instant reliable power without needing to search for an available outlet.

Featuring a range of voltage settings (8.4v, 9.5v, 10.5v, 12v & 19v), the Minigorilla has a 5v USB output, meaning you can also recharge your netbooks, eReader as well as your mobile phone, iPod, action camera, portable gaming console, headlamp and more.

MiniGorilla Portable External Battery:

  • Recharge your cell phone up to 4 times per charge
  • Portable USB outlet, no searching for a wall socket
  • One button technology
  • LED screen indicates battery capacity status and level of charge left
  • Lightweight, Pocket-size power, weighting 9.2 ounces
  • Retains 60% of it’s unused power for up to a year
  • Use Internationally - AC charger works in over 150 countries