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A very versatile & hardy hold-all bag for lugging various stuff conveniently. Lump all your odd-sized & over-sized stuff, zip em' up & roll about with ease. 

Made with durable Cordura nylon construction and heavy duty wheels, resulting in a sturdy bag that is easy to transport. Large internal compartments and external compartments provide ample room to store all your gear on practice and game day. The adjustable straps with ergonomic carry handles provide another method to carry the bag when you can't wheel it.

A telescopic handle, heavy duty wheels and designed to accommodate any keepers kit.
1) extra pockets for extra space
2) top handles for ease of getting in and out tight spaces
3) telescopic drag handle
4) designed such that it stands up-right easily on its own. 
5) sturdier base and back frames keeps the bag in shape always

Dimensions: 95x45x45cm

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