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Gryphon Aero G5 -

  • $13500

Lemon/Black | Navy/Grey

The philosophy of Gryphon, to be the best Hockey company providing the best quality products as an avenue to enjoying life through the sport.

The Gryphon AERO G5 comes after the wildly successful predecessor with an updated design. 
∆ Premium synthetic+mesh upper for extra stability yet being breathable.
∆ Reinforced toe box for durability & protection.  
∆ Successful engineered forefoot flex for great surface contact when accelerating/turning/stopping.
∆ Successful multi-grip configured outsole increases grip on all turf surfaces.

A total success story updated!

A unique forefoot flex and rear foot stability is now combined with a premium non-stretch moulded upper a great fit, creating the perfect platform for your hockey.

The latest in shoe design, sculptured specifically for the rigours of the hockey pitch and built to deal with the wear and tear of competitive sport. It's multi stud configuration provides optimal grip when turning, accelerating and stopping, providing excellent surface contact to maximise the agility needed in the unpredictable nature of games and training.

A lightweight shoe providing a natural feel when running and helps you to be light on your feet during game play. Soles with cushioning for extra feet & sole protection, all the while allowing normal forefoot flex, aiding turning and sharp movements.A moulded upper sole allows maximum comfort and fit. A shoe that is designed for optimal performance on the outside and optimal comfort on the inside.

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