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EXPANDER Resistance Tube with handles -

  • $1290

These can be used to strengthen and tone various muscle groups. Lightweight, portable, compact and extremely durable. 3 Choice of resistance levels, sold seperately.
- A foam grip with nylon handles 
- Flexible expander tube 
- Tube thickness approx. 9mm, 11mm & 13mm 
- Tube length approx. 120cm 
- Light Resistance Tube (7 lbs) 
- Medium Resistance Tube (12 lbs)
- Heavy Resistance Tube (17 lbs)
  • Wipe with cool, damp towel or sponge. Air dry in the shade.


    • Children should only use such equipment under adult supervision.
    • Never release the band under stretch. Sudden retractions may cause severe injury.
    • Stretching band to double its original length may damage the product or cause unexpected injury.
    • Unwise to wrap the band around any body parts, especially the head or neck.
    • This product contains latex, which may cause allergies to some. Discontinue use and consult a professional physician if this occurs.
    • As with all exercise, immediately discontinue any activity if pain or discomfort occurs.

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