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Door Gym - Resistance Set with anchors +

  • $3190

    • Essential tool for muscle group training and joint stability improvement at the comfort of your own home/office/travel/outdoors.
    • Provides for a variety of training regiments done in a gym on common cable machines/bench presses
    • The most versatile piece of strength training equipment in one compact design package which is easily attachable to any standard door for a quick, effective strength workout. Attach the tension straps to the top or the bottom of the door, and you can target specific muscles groups for multiple, specific workouts for your desired result.
  • - Quick and easy workout in any room.
    - Strengthen major muscle group through resistance
    - Tone your abs, arms, chest and thighs
    - Build power, strength and stamina without bulky expensive equipment

    - Fixed tight ties and pulleys design
    - Comfortable grip with non-slip foam handles
    - Tension clamps can be attached to the top or the bottom of any door
    - End and center loops are made of high-density webbing

    Very popular, and for good reason: they're versatile, safe & easy to use, portable, and cheap. You can incorporate this great tool into a multitude of workouts. With comfortable foam grips, a smooth stretching tube, & a door anchor included for a wider range of exercise variations either when you're going solo or super-setting with a partner.

    Maintainence instructions:

    • Wipe with cool, damp towel or sponge. Air dry in the shade.


    • Children should only use such equipment under adult supervision.
    • Never release the band under stretch. Sudden retractions may cause severe injury.
    • Stretching band to double its original length may damage the product or cause unexpected injury.
    • Unwise to wrap the band around any body parts, especially the head or neck.
    • This product contains latex, which may cause allergies to some. Discontinue use and consult a professional physician if this occurs.
    • As with all exercise, immediately discontinue any activity if pain or discomfort occurs.

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