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1/2 Gallon Beverage Cooler (1.9L Polylite Jug) ~

  • $1790

Have ice-cold water in half to keep you cool and hydrated with the Coleman® 1/2 Gallon Beverage Cooler.

    • ThermOZONE Insulation contains no CFCs, HFCs or HCFCs, which deplete the ozone
    • Wide-mouth top and twist-on cap for easy liquid & ice filling 
    • Flip-top spout for a quick drink without mess or spills
    • Stain and odor-resistant liner helps prevent lingering smells
    • Durable design resists dents, scratches and fading
    • Large bail handle makes carrying easier

      Coleman jugs are manufactured out of HDPE. High Density Polyethylene plastics are completely free from BPA and thus safe for direct impact with humans. 
      BPA stands for bisphenol A, an industrial chemical found in polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins, which Coleman Water jugs do not use.

      BPA is a chemical in some polycarbonate bottles and utensils. Although a few of Coleman products contain BPA, none of Coleman's insulated coolers or jugs contain polycarbonate or BPA. All of the materials used in Coleman Coolers and Jugs are approved for food contact. Coleman coolers are produced from materials that are approved for food contact.

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