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Gryphon Shell Shinguard

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The philosophy of Gryphon, to be the best Hockey company providing the best quality products as an avenue to enjoying life through the sport.

An effective EVA foam is placed between the moulded plastic shell and shin for comfort and impact damping.

All Gryphon shinguards are designed with lightweight materials to guarantee full freedom of movements but great moulded protection providing optimal coverage and mobility. The strapped construction of our shinguards limits the movements of the protection.

A top level shin pad created to deflect direct contact as well as absorb and distribute any residual impact force. Lightweight and yet a high level protective equipment with improved airflow & a vertical shin beam for added strength.

These are tough guards for protecting your tibia from any hard direct knocks that may come your way, in the form of a ball, stick or an opposing player. With inner padded cushioning built in & around the shell, there is that extra bit of protection which dissipates shock where you really need it, & when you need it.

Easily moulded to your shins, to prevent discomfort or clumsy bulkiness during your game play. A great pick for those yearning top-level protection without sacrificing comfort.

The only full protection shin-pad around which comes in sizes fit for little athletes standing at/from 1.2 meters tall (XS).

Inner Cushioning – Tough Outer Cover – High Impact Guard

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