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Softball Mitt / Glove +

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Stronger, lighter, and more breathable—attributes that are valued in a sports glove.

Synthetics offer greater strength while also being remarkably lighter. These gloves are an average 10 ounces lighter than comparable but more expensive leather gloves. These give players a considerable performance advantage where speed is essential. A ready-to-use glove that is very light & flexible and has a unique palm & wrist inner padding for added comfort & shock absorption.

Moisture & crack resistant, this is a great tool to hone catching, throwing & overall hand-eye skills with greater confidence & coordination, over a long time.

An outstanding choice for school & club use, these affordable glove does not compromise quality.

Available for both right and left-handed players.
ie; Left handed players use a right-side glove, and vice versa.
Left hander (RIGHT Glove)
Right hander (LEFT Glove)

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