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Shield 101 Table Tennis Ball - Trainer

  • $500

Shield 101 Table Tennis Balls (Pack of 6 balls)

Shield 101 Table Tennis Ball is a high quality ball that is ideal for use in table tennis training sessions.  Providing easy, accurate and powerful playing, these are widely used in many leading tournament teams and matches. A mark of superior quality, and manufactured by The Shanghai Table Tennis Ball factory, established since 1928  

It has an official size of 40 mm and each with centre seam and water resistant coating. 
  • Ball Size : 40mm (official size)
  • Water resistant


  • Entry level table tennis balls suitable for training and casual play
  • Ideal for beginners and new comers to the game
  • 40mm round shaped balls with good bounce
  • Available in Orange and White colours

    Comes in a set of 6 balls (White or Orange)

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